Being Gay Is Something Special From God

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"Being gay movies is a gift from God. But our lifestyle doesn't understand that, and consequently it sends communications you are to be isolated. And Isolation is the antithesis of what most of us need. We need community, we simply cannot do spirituality or become completely alive without community" God's Gift

The above collection was recently said by Rev. Ed Bacon, the rector of All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, California during among Oprah's Shows early in January. What an awesome method to start the New Year! Don't you think? I sure wish Oprah was around when I was growing up almost 40 years ago! Sure would have made things a lot easier, and it’s likely that that hearing such statements on nationwide television would have provided me the courage I needed then to turn out to my father a lot earlier and not confess it in prayer after he previously passed, leaving me feeling guilty that he never got to understand me truly as I am.
As I was viewing the broadcast (which I'm sure you can find simply by Googleing what "Oprah" and "Gay") I possibly could not help but feel a mixed sense of wonder, happiness, and sadness simultaneously. Wonder since it was completely unexpected, and since it resonated in the depth of my being. Happiness because in so many ways it was a open public acknowledgement by two very respected spiritual leaders with rather large followings, reaffirming something I've come to know and accept in my own life after much discomfort and several hundreds of hours of therapy: That I was made in the picture and likeness of God; that God in me, as me, is definitely me. I sensed sadness because I sensed that in therefore many ways, though very much ground has already courageously been obtained, there's so much recovery that still must happen in the Lgbt community, not just within South Africa, but across the world.
So the issue is where do we begin? How do we start to heal the wounds still left by years of feeling isolated, 'different' from the others, years of being told that we are abominations, deviants, pedophiles, freaks and so a great many other 'labels', that unfortunately many of us started to, and finally believed - some to the main point where they have ended their life? What involves mind is Gandhi's phrases "Be the switch you want to observe in the world." To me that translates into: be the healing, effective, loving and self accepting gay person I want to see various other gay women and men be in the world. The task starts 1st with oneself, then, as Rev. Ed Bacon indicates, in the community where we live.
The road to healing can for a few of us be long and painful, and for you it may take longer than you expect depending on how longer you've been securing to those 'beliefs' about homosexuality imposed by others. All healing must initial begin with the full and comprehensive acceptance of what's. That means to totally accept all that has happened in your life because of buying into those beliefs of separation without thinking about everything you could have, should have, or would have done Once you've done that, then take the time to harvest all the positive that came from it. Sure there were bad moments, but definitely not all was bad. The right things must have result from it. What good things emerged? Perhaps to be able to hide your feelings of shame you learned to play a musical instrument or create a skill or skill that otherwise you would not have. Perchance you hid at the neighborhood library where you'd a chance to go through books you never would have found. Or simply, in the places that you escaped to you met wonderful, loving and supporting people that became lovers, others friends for life. Whatever that is usually, it helps in the event that you write it down. Then, after you have listed all the good that was harvested from all that sense of separation and isolation, take the time to forgive. Forgiveness is among the most underrated and effective spiritual practices there can be! All forgiveness is actually self-forgiveness, for whenever we forgive others we are truly healing and releasing all those thoughts, emotions, and emotions we are keeping inside us about them. What do you need to forgive yourself for? Who else should you forgive? Your parents, church, friends, culture, God? Write it down. You can create something like... "I absolve you _______ for _________. I discharge you and enable you to go. So long as have any power over me." Forgiveness clears the path and allow for accurate healing to occur. Finally, consider: "What fresh quality is now trying to emerge in me? What's seeking to be birthed? Write it right down to. You find, atlanta divorce attorneys seeming challenge or problem in our lives, almost always there is some quality which is being called forth to emerge within us. In my own case, once I was able to forgive and truly let go of my very own limited thoughts about myself, I begun to experience freer, and well informed in myself, even more self-accepting. Those had been the qualities that were trying to emerge.
The healing we want to see in the world will truly begin with ourselves. As more folks begin to very own this technique, and become responsible for our personal lives, our own Divinity starts to emerge, our lighting to brighter shine. This in turn, allows others to do the same. By Divinity I mean all those characteristics of God which we inherited when we were born: Love, Pleasure, Abundance, Peace, Acceptance, Harmony, Power, Giving, Creativeness, the list continues on and on. As Rev. Michael B. Beckwith, spiritual director and founder of the Agape Motion said during the same Oprah Broadcast, "People don't just are actually gay. People are born gay by Divine Best. We are the image and likeness of God, just as we are."
Gay Affirmations

* I am gay for a robust and purposeful reason.
* I accept my personal responsibility to be a healing force in my life, the gay community, and the world.
* I discharge shame and internalized homophobia from every level of my being.
* Mentally, emotionally, actually and spiritually I am tuned into the vibration of deep self-love and acceptance.
* In this alignment my thoughts, words and deeds are filled up with grace, clearness and power.
* How great it is to end up being gay! I am FABULOUS . . . it's just true!Notice: Gay Affirmations are provided courtesy of Mark Anthony Lord.