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5. Animation, film and television

Drawing animation characters for the studio or pitching the idea for a production that is possible, is an choice for really good designs with great stories.

6. Caricatures

If you learn to draw caricatures, it is possible in order to make more income at a lot of amusement parks or perhaps you could diy at a local park.

7. Mascots

Help schools produce a mascot for team nature or businesses sell services or products by way of a well developed character.

Drawing cartoon characters is really a way that is great find extra money in addition to work opportunities and jobs. So, is it possible to benefit from drawing cartoon characters? Yes you certainly can, and you are just tied to your imagination and imagination.

Andre "Dre" Saunders attended Bowie State University in Bowie, Maryland being an creative art major. He began freelancing as a designer and illustrator and it has labored on projects for such consumers as Dupont as well as the Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for kids in addition to producing several covers for a small book publisher.
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1. tees

Drawing cartoon characters to place on a line of shirts to sell might be a good way to earn money. If the character is aesthetically unique and engaging to your right market, you can have a success. Web sites such as for instance Café Press or Zazzle makes this super easy to complete.

2. Publications

For those who have a idea that is great a story, or know somebody who does, your drawing abilities will be handy for developing cartoon characters for specific things like children's publications. If you know how to draw comics, graphic novels may be the path to take. Services for self-publishing have not been easier with web sites such as for instance Lulu or Ka-blam your books are on racks right away.

3. homemade cards and stationery

Maybe you have gone into a bookstore or big retail string and seen their vast stock of greeting cards and stationary? There are hundreds of cartoon character themes to pick from. Why not the one that you created?

4. Toys and games

What's great about learning to draw cartoon characters is that you might create your very own toys or partner by having an inventor who comes up with the concept and you add your character to it, either while the main product or even to enhance it.